In a nutshell, we are a discount distributor of choral and handbell music to schools and churches across the country. We have been in business since 1984. Our prodeedure is to take orders, place them with publishers around the country, and ship them using UPS or USPS to our customers. We offer a 20% discount on everything.


1.30 NEW! Mass of the Children on sale, 42% off. Check out CLEARANCE!

1.25 New site is up and running. Not perfect, but basically functional.

1.24 As of this morning I'm getting close to launching an updated site. It features a better interface using computers, tablets, and phones. Not perfect or finished, but better. Please excuse any interuptions while I make this transition.

1.10 With the snows comes a chance to have a go at updating the web site. Also, I want to send out a packet of sample music which has some seasonal interest. Watch your mail!


Have had a fine fall but it has included playing golf(!), gardening, travel, etc. It's time to put some time into the web site.


Setting up 2 reading workshops. The project is led by a local director who does a reading session/rehearsal and a concert. Neat idea.


8.28 Last orders shipped. There are a few "orphans," pieces which are delayed from the publishers, but the season is basically over with only a few hiccups.

8.17 First Summer Orders shipped today.

8.6- Began filling orders as stock arrived from publishers.

8.5- It's a little kludgy, but from the Summer Order page, click "Check Status" and you'll get a table with the order status of the summer orders. The page is sorted by invoice number.

8.4- all but 2 titles have been ordered from the publishers.


Sale closed on the 24th, but a few orphan titles could be added.


Summer sale is now in play. Orders receive a 25% discount on everything (some exceptions: orchestrations, Trax). Orders shipped by Labor Day.


3.5 Working on index by rewriting template which has .float elements. By doing so, it undoes formating on most other pages.

3.4 Added outline page for "Clearance" section. Pieces will be able to be ordered at a 50% discount only from this routine.

3.3 Using CSS and HTML5, redid navigation routines.

3.1 Rewrote routines for OrderCheck and Inventory making a users interface as guest. User can only perform a "Find" and not be confused with other matters of database construction.